There Is No Other #TheMixtape

by T.I.N.O

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This Mixtape Is full of classic beats,Form various artist,with a Hard punch lines and charismatic Flows This Kat T.I.N.O is it the name speaks for itself. There Is No Other The Hip Hop World is Not ready.This tape show his craetivity, he can rap if thats what you want and this Tape show that, but his specialty is making MUSIC. Watch out for #RentalcarsandhotelsEP coming this summer


released January 19, 2014




YRCWorld Phoenix, Arizona


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Track Name: F@#$ That (Get Away)
I'm on a full tank and my grind right im just tryna stay a float fuck the lime light they say its all about the moment and my times right I'm worried bout dat check fuck if shine bright cause you get one try ain't no tryin twice I guess you live and you learn its a part a life put it on paper I'm the artist type and They obssesd with the fame they want all likes conversation with devil get it notarized new money blue strip no photo shop a gift and a curse all I know is gwop outta town 5 stars and allota top britches tryna blow like a Molotov for a pair red bottoms shell fuckem all I'm just tryna get away you know fuckem all feeling right now niggas fuck tomorrow

mud in my cup make it hard to swallow I only trust my money I got fucking problems they do it for dat britches I do it for commas we chase paper to get in vaginas get the birch a bag and some benihanas or cheddar bay biscuits from dat red lobster these hoes love attention I'm in love with money and dmx said what the want from me these niggas talk shit until dey want something I'm too busy gettin chips I don't want nothing raised by the streets all I know hustle cause mama was a fiend so in know dat struggle my team tryna eat you know more luggage cognac and some dutches wax pen so we blow in public stay looking fresh you know the hoes love it
Track Name: T.I.N.O,Sir Cigarello - Yup (P@$$Y Wet) ft @sircigarello
Verse 2

She said she follow me on Twitter I probably know her nigga but she really love my song an turned on by the way I get it tryna chill for minute get it wet then get up in it
Hit that spot and leave You drippen I'm just just sayin I'm a kill it grippen sheets and bitten pillow damn girl you da realest she ay daddy dat dick good a this yo puss if you want it she ain't looking for no love just someone to count the money she say fuck them other bitches long as I keep it 100 dats the type a shit I like Introduce as my woman we be fucking she be Cumming then we sleeping in that puddle beat it up then we cuddle hotel room at dub u I dont luvem I dont trust em you can haver I dont cuff em she attracted to da hustle she be working at the strip gettin to the money
Track Name: The Night
Spent a couple hunned at the strip club hollered at this pretty lil thick girl she was eyen a nigga had to get at her said she work late I should hit her up put a lil money in da tip cup said she tryna smoke and I should bring blunts we can watch Netflix and roll up you know u bad and and I want some

I'm talkin bout dat pussy cause I don't love we was fucking on sofa had dem legs in da air wit dat toes curled she say she wanna ride me like surf board hands on her knees I'm like go girl

I gotta chick name tasha pussy ok head proper she stay by herself her man locked up locked up turn into a freak off the vodka a lil strip tease get it rock hard slidem to the side take dat top off sucking on the duck until she lock jaw she make cum quick oh god said where it go she said its all gone puddle in the bed its been so long legs around my neck I'm like hold on if I'm play in in the rain put my coat on an I hope you got time cause I go long head board through the wall to a slow song and when we pop pillsb we get turn up smoke a lil weed you know burn one
Track Name: T.I.N.O,Nov The Zoner - True Ft @Novthezoner
Verse 1

you know its . yrc to all the bitches that be eyen me after I hit the stage straight to VIP she tryna leave with the squad then I need id before this rap money came they was like who T/ Now the hoes wanna follow accept me
on i gs respected in all hoods requested they like me ascap money invested wisely smoke kush pop bottles
no visine hoes backstage dine to get freaked for a little photograph a reply an a retweet its ok wrong number when she dial it I take little head but that pussy got mileage no shoes in the club that's a term called ratchet love and hip hop she be fucking all the rappers few ball players even fucked a couple actors stillbat the strip club tweeking for her masters ying to herself she really think that she a bad bitch im allergic to bitch who dont have shit now she on baller alert the next event


You know I still got the videos
Whyv you acting all sadity now
Lil dress tryna get you some attention
Out here ducking Nigga for the pension
You slut you a hoe you freak but I ain't mad girl bitches eat ha ha ha doing wat it do I just though I let you know dat you out here burning boo

Verse 2

Shortly in the club all black dress see through if you ain't got sparklers then shortly ain't peeping you cause you ain't got enough money to make it comfortable she on that Ruth Cris she fuck wit lunchables last Nigga in the league he dunking balls million dollar p ussy in dem loubatans cl5 you know tha latest one fresh off lot you know paid for she gotter eyes on the draft who he play for she like the 49ers she be rushing gold top shelf bitch she dont fuck wit coach its all about the label tom ford private jet ride a nigga pay for it how you plan ta gett da bitch if you cant afford it cature outfits she getem Imported Passport stamps so she feel important
Track Name: Hell of a Night
We gone smoke alright and fuck alnight and wake up in morning she was bout that life one hella of night

She say got a man but she ain't even worried he working all the time and da sex. Sex is so boring ring on her finger tired of being married then she look me in eyes an said boy na ready conversation got real over shots of the henny my hand up her dress she a freak no pannys said she wanna smoke you know I keep good wit me and we can get rough but I don't do hickies and I hope you got time cause I dont do quickies

Started wit a hello how doin. damn shev was cutie look at the way she do it one hell of a booty long hair you cuban she laughed and said you stoppid compliment the beauty slow music is soothing bubbles in the jacuzzi I really like what you doing hold up baby move it turn into movie girl dat that thang juicy tongue all in da coochie bad bitch no groupie safe sex no cooties I'm just sayin how I do it where yo man how he doin a lil small talk hold hands watch movie
Track Name: So Beautiful
Verse 1

Round of applause Beautiful you are I know that time are hard thats why made this song for yall i know he treat you wrong is that his way of showing love funny the way mind cant over come heart. When the opposites attract and the feelings get involved he put put scar on yo face now he going to far you forgive cant forget thats when thing fall apart you forget who are baby you you're a star but you blinded the light cause he hit you to hard take them sunglasses off you a diamond in the searching to be loved someone to spend some time someone that you hug
Track Name: What a Job
You know this game and how it goes booking show after show in dat rental car again then we back on the road dat hotel lifestyle always on the go from seattle to the a they be showing us love met a nigga in the bay one he'll of a plug keep in kush in a jar we be wrapping it up on da grind all day hit the mall and the club pop a bottle in the building crack a bitch and be out bank bag full of money cause of garnished accounts but we out tryna getvit fuck what they talkin about hot box in rental crack the window let it out eating good getting fat on the map another route not her city norther we about to shut it town main at the crib you know she miss me when gone man I'm tired of road can't get home but I gotta get thismoney new state another show

Rollin up another switcher bout to crack a faith hen this is for my n iggas on the grind tryna get in in studio tryna write hot shit